Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Laura Marder, Kefiada Shlicha, Speaks

Here is a brief update from Laura Marder, one of the counselors on Kefiada.

So far we are absolutely loving Arad. It is the most peaceful beautiful town ever. We did an amazing tour in Jerusalem last weekend and this weekend we are taking a trip to Eilat. The other counslers and I are really bonding and growing close to the culture and people in Arad. We have done everything from going to folk dance class to the local pool.

Today we met the mayor of Arad and expressed our love of his beautiful city to him. There is a unique quality of peace here, the air is so clean and clear and people are always walking around with a smile.

This is only the first week here so i can't imagine how much more attached to the city i will be in 3 more weeks. I hope the Arad counslers are having as much fun as we are here!

Laura Marder
Cherry Hill Federation

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