Thursday, July 17, 2008

Desert Queen Trip

Partnership 2000 is sponsoring half the cost of this exciting new trip for women in the Negev!

"Desert Queen 60:60"
A Celebration of Israel – A Celebration for Jewish Women

Welcome to "Desert Queen 2008". This year, in honor of Israel's 60th celebration of independence, the Jewish Agency's Partnership 2000 program is joining one of Israel's most innovative and challenging initiatives for women – Geographical Tours "Desert Queen" Annual Jeep Expedition. We invite you to be one of 60 bold & adventuresome women to take part in "Desert Queen" – for the first time ever in Israel.

Only 60 women will be able to take part in this unique adventure celebrating Israel's 60th birthday: 30 Israeli women and 30 women from Jewish communities across the globe – all part of the Partnership 2000 (P2K) extended family. One of the Jewish Agency's flagship programs, for more than a decade, Partnership 2000 has brought together 45 cities and regions in Israel with 550 Jewish communities overseas. A common vision, shared values, strengths and challenges, and people-to-people programming all empower the P2K communities while bringing them into personal and direct engagement.

The participants will have a one-day orientation in Israel prior to departing on this great outdoor adventure. Participants will be divided in 15 teams – four women in each 4x4 jeep. The six-day expedition will take place in the beautiful desert terrains of Israel's southern region, and will present the ladies with physical, mental and organizational challenges. The expedition includes a special Shabbat program.

The expedition is open to women over the age of 20 with a valid driver's license. Registered candidates will be screened for compatibility. Places are limited.

The "Desert Queen 60:60" Jeep Expedition will take place on Sept. 16-22, 2008.
Cost of expedition per participant: $1,200 (not including airfare)Price includes: orientation & full board for the seven-day trek (including jeep)

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Amy Cooper said...

This is a wonderful adventure. We already have one woman signed up from Southern New Jersey and two already committed from Arad/Tamar. Space is limited, so register today.

Amy Cooper