Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ivriada and Kefiada Counselors Meet Down the Shore

From Sivia Braunstein, P2K Chair

I wanted to share with you all the lovely experience I had this weekend. Eight of the Ivriada counselors--4 from Arad/Tamar and 4 from elsewhere were with me for the weekend. It was a lovely group of young people. Nancy Schultz, Living Bridge Chair, also joined us.

I was very impressed by their concern for the children in the camps and for each other. I was delighted also by their concern for the continuation and strengthening of the Partnership.

Sunday, we were joined by three Kefiada counselors and their parents. They had a wonderful experience in Arad and are enamored with the place and the people. They couldn't say enough good things about "Ima" Ofra!! We spoke for an hour about the program and they came up with some suggestions. One idea I loved was for the Israelis to create a dictionary of up-to-date phrases to help the Kefiada counselors relate quickly to the Arad youngsters.

They all agreed to write about their experiences, and the three Kefiada women are very interested to speak in our communities- perhaps as part of Campaign? They are anxious to stay involved. I am also hoping that their parents will stay involved- we must be sure to follow through. It felt so natural to be together, and really did feel like a family. Looking forward to broadening this experience.


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